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What problems do we solve ?

Data breaches happen with mind numbing regularity.

Where large honeypots of credentials are available, obtaining identity remains the primary end-game for most corporate exploits. Decentralized self-sovereign identity frameworks will mitigate identity theft and revolutionize how we control and share our identity in the future.

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The U.S. Department of Education encourages and challenges universities to find creative ways to enable student mobility.  Accurately transferring qualifying credits across institutions is key. Passportfolio offers a trusted, portable record of your accreditations and educational achievements, throughout your journey. 


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Distributed ledgers make it easier for potential employers, government licensing boards, and other agencies to exercise due diligence in transferring and verifying the integrity of professional credentials and academic transcripts.  HyperLedger frameworks ease administrative overhead, and form the guardrails that insure efficient, accurate validation.

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